Zombicide - A Comparison

Having surpassed the total of the previous Zombicide Kickstarter, it seems like a good time to take a look at how Season 2 stacks up against its older brother, as well as seeing how Kickstarters have changed in less than 12 months.

I'm going to try and do this without offering an opinion, so we'll see how impartial I can be.

Below is a list of the stretch goals set so far for Season 2 compared to those for the original Kickstarter. It's interesting to see that the opening goal is higher, and that while they kick in at a higher level the Stretch goals for 2 are more evenly spread out, and start coming regularly after $150K.

Looking back it's amazing to think that getting to the $290,000 level was uncertain.

Zombicide Season 2
+2 Fatties
6 Glow in the Dark Dice
+1 Abomination
Downloadable campaign
Zombie Promo survivors
+2 Fatties, +6 Runners
+20 Walkers, +12 Alert Cards
4 new Walker sculpts
Downloadable Map & Scenario editor
2 new Runner sculpts
Plastic trackers
1 new Fattie sculpt
1 new Abomination sculpt
Thaissa Human
Orange Dice
"Eagle" Chaz
Thaissa Zombivor
Skull Trackers
Zombie Chaz
Kirk Human
First Player Skull
Kirk Zombivor
+ 4 Toxic Walkers
Cardboard Tube Smauri
Aunt Rose Human
+4 Beserkers
Aunt Rose Zombivor
Dakota Zombivor
+2 Toxic Runners
Red Dice
+8 Walkers
+4 Runners
Fred Zombivor
+2 Berserker Runners
+2 Fatties
Total raised
Box of 6 Companion Dogs
Lea Zombivor
+1 Toxic Fatty

 Of course to give a proper picture of things there's more detail that could be added such as when options opened up, and the number of backers etc.

The big thing to note here is the time difference. The graphs should make that clearer.

Here's what the first Zombicide looks like. Note that it stays fairly flat, and really kicks up at the end, not quite reaching $1 Million.

And noe Zombicide Season 2. It's possibly just starting to level off, after a initial huge rush of funders (Zombicide finished with 5,258 Season 2 has 4,417 in less than a week). Note the scale, and projected end point.

Is there anything to draw from this. Well, I think that Season 2 is going to start to see its funding flatten out, as fewer new backers that aren't on-board join, and those that are there already don't raise their pledges by a huge degree. I suspect they'll be another good leap as it moves towards the end.

Season 2 is operating on very different ground to the first Kickstarter though. There's a lot more choice out there, as my latest round-up attests, and a lot more expectation. I suspect there's also a bigger crowd of people willing to put money behind them thanks to Kickstarter's bigger profile, tweaks to its management system, and the fact CMON has built up a track record. CoolMini are also far more experienced as games publishers, and with Kickstarters, and so hopefully will avoid the issues that dogged Zombicide (like going on sale before backers got copies and the like).