We're Not Going To Talk About April

This month has been dire for active hobby work, so I'm simply going to slide all my deadlines and goals forward to the end of next month. I've not picked up a paintbrush in any meaningful way, and even conversions have been left by the wayside. I'm not sure time will open up for things, but I am going to try harder to squeeze it in somewhere.

And with that, back to writing a better blog post for tomorrow.

Hammer And Bolter - You Don't Miss Something Even When It's Gone.

Hands up anyone who has read Hammer and Bolter, Black Library's eZine?

Hands up who read it regularly?

Hands up who knew it had been cancelled? And not recently at that, but back in November last year.

Why was that not bigger news? I only thought of it because I was thinking about the lack of background or any sort of fiction in White Dwarf at the moment, and

The last issue available through the Black  Library site is Issue 26, released in Nov 2012

I've had a difficult time tracking down the official line on the cancellation, having had to trawl the Black Library Blog manually to find the relevant article.

According to Lexicanum the first announcement was made at Black Library Live 2012 on the 3rd/4th November.

The following text is taken from a post published on the Black Library blog on the 16th November.
"Farewell To Old Friends

...Firstly, you can now download issue 26 of Hammer and Bolter. It’s with a bit of a heavy heart that we confirm that this will be the last issue of Hammer and Bolter we will ever produce. For over two years now, we’ve brought you a monthly dose of short stories, extended extracts and serialised novels, but we’ve been receiving increasing amounts of emails asking for the stories to be made available as separate downloads. So that’s just what we’re going to do.
From January 2013, we will release a new eBook short story every Monday. This way, we can bring you new authors, expand stories that start in our novels and continue to give you the wealth of new material that has been provided by Hammer and Bolter these last two years. The important difference is that you can now choose what you read. Get all the stories about your favourite army, try out new authors whose ideas tickle your fancy, read about a brutal battle scene when you’ve got a spare half-hour on your lunch break- the possibilities are endless..."
I suggest taking a look at the full post to see how little coverage this got. I certainly don't remember seeing anything about it on the White Dwarf Daily blog.  Which is good and bad I suppose. Black Library has certainly thrown itself into its Digital Mondays and publishing short stories in eBook format.

I've not kept up well enough with the Black Library's digital output enough to know what stories are being pulled from Hammer and Bolter for Digital Monday's and what's original. I do know that H&B stories are being bundled into eBook collections where relevant, such as the Night Lords ebundle.

I wonder how the Black Library's decision is playing out for them, and if reader's choice sales are beating Hammer and Bolter sales, and if the lack of cross marketing that Hammer and Bolter provided is being made up for. H&B was also running serialised novels along with the short story content, and I'd be very interested to see how that affected sales.

All this is old news, but I thought it was worthy of a mention.

Sunday Photo Post - The Men That Will Not Be Blamed For Nothing.

 I went to a gig by The Men That Will Not Be Blamed For Nothing last night, a steampunk outfit, with songs about such things as The Great Stink, Bedlam and Cthulhu. Above is a rather crap picture of the band on stage, which sadly doesn't show either the group's outfits off, or the steampunk styling of the audience (a lot of goggles, as well as the occasional pith helmet or fez). It was a very good night, and I recommend giving them a listen.

I'll leave you with two of the songs performed last night, although not filmed then.

High Elves Pre Order

High Elves have gone up for pre order on the GW website, and there are quite a few new twists to the usual release formula that make things worth looking at, even if you're not interested in the pointy ears. I'll hold my hand uo now and say that they're an army I've never been hugely interested in, but I'll do my best to keep my bias out of this.

High Elves Army Book
LE - £55 Standard £30

Is it even worth mentioning that there's a Limited Edition? I'm more surprised that there's not a LE model as well, either package with it, or in addition.

Warhammer Battle Magic: High Elves £3.50

 The standard 8 card deck.


 Oh boy there are some expensive available, and they serve as a useful comparison as to how expensive units are, and the potential costs of building an army. It's worrying how close the costs of plastic and Finecast units are becoming.

Flamespyre Phoenix / Frostheart Phoenix £35

I'm not sure about either version of the Phoenix. The joints look a bit rough where the wings meet the body, and the pose looks to stiff. A bit more flex to the wings would give it a more animal feel rather than the rigid aircraft look it currently has. I also wonder how long that flying stand is going to last. I am impressed by the way the two different variants have been done, with some very well hidden joints. 

The kit also gives the option to have the rider dismounted, and he makes a nice, if angry model. 

Mantic Launch Deadzone On Kickstarter

Anyone remember the infomercials at the start of Starship troopers?

Mantic have launched a Kickstarter for their new game, Deadzone.

Deadzone is introducing quite a few new things for Mantic, including scenery, and two new factions, as well as new models and the bits and pieces needed for the game itself. The Kickstarter is doing well already, surpassing its stable-mate Dreadball.

It's interesting that this Kickstarter is focusing on a new game for Mantics SF range, rather than following the model of the Kings of War Kickstarter, and providing core rules and armies of varying sizes. I imagine that having that to handle is enough for them at the moment, without trying to develop a second full scale game along side it. I wonder what will happen to Project Pandora, and if that will see a follow up, or be folded into this system.

The models and scenery still seem very much at the concept/digital render stage for some of the pieces, but hopefully everything else is far enough along that no one will be put off by this. The delivery date is December this year, so it's closer than some Kickstarters I've backed. 

Anyway, go take a look. I'd put up a list of models, but the way the total is climbing it seems foolish. Instead here's the big pledge level

Puppet Wars Unstiutched Is Coming

I'm very much looking forward to this. I wonder what's happening to Teddy Puppets though?

Puppet Wars Unstitched is

Guilds Of Cadwallon - Unboxing

The Guilds Of Cadwallon game arrived today, and I thought I'd do a quick unboxing, followed by a review next week. You'll see me talking about the Big Box and Little Box below. The Big Box, and its contents were Kickstarter exclusive, but the little box is for general sale, and it's fairly obvious where I'm talking about one or the other.

High Elf Video, New White Dwarf Images, and Price List.

I've been away from the computer for a day or two, and on returning have seen all the High Elf news really kicking up. I thought I'd do a compare and contrast.

Here is what GW has officially released about them

And here's what the Internet has on them

New pictures via La Taberna Du Larana The joins on the Phoenix look really bad.

Faeit 212 also has a host of rumours, including things straight from White Dwarf

So, which is making you more interested in the release? The video, or the pictures of the models, and the rules? I really do hope these leaks are part of GW's marketing strategy, as given how quiet they were able to make things around the Hobbit, the opening back up seems to be being ignored.

Ravage #6 Review

As ever, if you're in the UK, head over to Valiant Wargames to pick this up.

Ravage is the most consistently interesting  magazine, thanks to the broad range of games it covers. This does mean that the some of the coverage falls outside my knowledge, but that's more problem, rather than the magazine's. There are still some iffy bits of translations, but the content is otherwise good.

Let's get going. 

A nice cover image, and a good run down of what's in the issue.               
Inside Front Cover          
Battle Foam ad 
Letter From The Editor 
As the first issue proper issueof 2013 (yes, I know I'm behind, but this is Feb/March issue, so give me some leeway)) this editorial focuses on the future of the mag.         
News Splash Page          
I'm still see these as a loss of a page, but like the way Ravage is divided up.         
Descent 2nd Ed Review
A four page review of the new edition of Decent, which gives fair coverage of the game, especially in relation to the previous version.            
Sedition Wars Review   
This is a bit more wide ranging than most reviews, talking as it does about the Kickstarter that brought the game to the masses.               
Anima Tactics Overview               
This article takes a look at some the factions within Anima Tactics focusing entirely on background (rather than how they play on the tabletop and the like)            
Jake Thornton takes a look at Dreadball from his standpoint as its designer, which is an interesting viewpoint to hear things from, as it's so rare.       
Bushido - Temple Of Ro-Kan      
This article takes a look at the Temple Of Ro-Kan in detail on the tabletop, both as individual models and for building a force.               
Horus Heresy Book One: Betrayal            
A remarkable balanced look at the huge tome, that covers many points.              
Dropzone Commander 
There's a big chunk of this article pulled straight from the Hawk Wargames site, which seems a bit of a cheat, that starts with a wide look at the game, and then focuses down to look at collecting a Scourge force, reviewing the models, and detailing a few games.  
Games Splash Page        
I'm going to run through this section fairly quickly, as it's a series of exclusive scenarios, and there's little I can say about them, being unfamiliar with many of the systems            
Dust Tactics Scenario     
Zombicide Scenario        
Battle For Albaster         
A bit of an oddity, that not only includes a scenario, but also a mini summary of the game, background and painting advice.               
Mercs Campaign Scenarios, Chapter Three and Four      
Hobby Splash Page         
Painting Guide - Morat Raicho   
A odd article, that talks about itself a bit much, before getting into 3 pages of photos going stage by stage though painting the model, mainly by airbrush, but seems lacking in detail.          
Dust Tactics - Hades In 3D            
A piece on building a room terrain piece to use in Dust, in this case a sewer. It suffers from not having a large picture of the finished piece, but otherwise there are interesting things to take away.               
Eden: Abandoned Warehouse Diorama
A remarkable detailed diorama, that's all the more astounding, for using walls made from hand drawn bricks.    
Mercs Advert   
Reclaiming The Sularian Gate - Duel        
A step by step piece of following the creation of an impressive entry into the French 2012 Golden Daemon.       
Elvish Base From A To Z
Focused, as the title suggests, on a quite magnificent base, this piece covers a lot of ground, from trees to home made roofing structures.         
Skarrd Abomination: Step be step           
Three pages take the model from fresh out the box to finished, with a focus on the base, and construction.       
Community Splash Page              
Steampunk Files              
An expansive six page piece that touches on Steampunk in its many media forms, especially, but not limited to its tabletop incarnations      
Quirkworthy's Ramblings             
A page taking the bull by the horns and dealing with the harsh decisions needed when you have too many games/armies.               
Dreadball Ad     
Ravage Ad          
Dark Age Teaser              
Back Cover         
Infinity Campaign Paridiso Ad      

This is the best score I've given Ravage, even with number of 0s (I'll double check my scoring is consistent tomorrow). 

Sunday Photo Page - 21.04.2013

Let the plastic carnage begin. This is certainly not what I'm limiting myself to, but it's a good sample, of models, and bits. I suspect things will take a while to come together, but it's a start on some characters. We'll see what come of it all.

24 Hour Warning - Arena Rex

You're got little time left to get your pledge in for Arena Rex.

From The Æther - 20.04.2013 - Arkke

Following on from yesterday's post, this edition of From The Æther continues the theme of looking at the darker side of the Imperium, with a focus on some fairly recent posts from around the web, that are very much interrelated. If anyone knows of a jigsaw piece that I'm missing I'd be interested to hear of it in the comments.

However, before we do that, Aaron Dembski-Bowden has put up The Talon Of Horus Cover at his site.

Spikey Rat Pack has two posts featuring conversions worth looking at.

Eternal Hunt also has a fantastic model, which I'm not going to ruin the reveal of. There's a second part, which you probably ought not to read until after the links below.

All of the above are featured in The Tears Of Isstvan blog, where the Arkke Retour is currently being chronicled.

Go take a trip to the really grim and gothic side of the Imperium.

High Elves Pictures Leaked

via Dice and Brush, Fields Of Blood and Bell Of Lost Souls

Looks like it's a good time to like pointy ears, whichever universe you're in

Army shot

 Mage, looking a lot more heavily armoured than you'd expect.

Eagle Charior variant (with Plastic Lord I expect)

Eldar Pictures Leak - Plastic Farseer

via Faeit 212

Let the speculation begin. Is it a one off release (like the Beastman Shaman) or part of a larger wave?

Confrontation - Echoes

I've been meaning to post this up for a while, but have been trying to write up a full and articulate response. Follow the link below for a bit of background on Confrontation, and how it echoes into the modern 40K universe. Feel free not to come back here, and avoid me waffling on below.

 You may also want to take a look at

which is linked to the above.

24 Hour Warning - Drake

Drake Kickstarter

Sedition Wars At Salute

Studio McVey has released pictures of their models for Salute 2013.

Below are their two Sedition Wars miniatures, "cast in high quality resin" which are Limited Edition previews, which as far as I can tell means that we'll see these models mass produced in plastic at some point in the future. 

Commodore Grist looks toweringly awesome with a nice set of weaponry. I really do like the style of armour in Sedition Wars, with a real presence and weight.

Phaedrus Chirurge looks great as well for the Strain, with a gruesome departure from their previous styles, that none the less ties in with other models. I really like the mix of textures, and the reaching hand.

Hopefully these two are but the forerunners of the second wave of true releases for Sedition Wars (although we're still waiting on the wave 2 of the Kickstarter), and herald an expansion for the Vanguard and Strain, as well as the Firebrand (who, it was said, were going to be part of an expansion).


Arena Rex

Arena Rex is reaching the last few days of its Kickstarter run, and I've said very little about it. Above is a recently released gameplay demo, while below is the originally posted Kickstarter video.

Arena Rex ticks quite a few boxes for me. The models look fantastic, as do the concept art for those models being made thanks to the Kickstarter. At 35mm they might not swap over to other systems well, and being resin there's the cost/detail thing to take into account, although there's a very low model count. There's a nice mix of historical and mythical creations which lets you tailor selections to your preference. The rules look deep and tactically interesting, and with each model having different abilities means replayability should be impressively high.

Enough to get you interested? Go support the Kickstarter

No Quarter 46 - Jan/Feb 2013

I'm slowly getting up to date with No Quarter, just need to grab a copy of last month's and I'll be there, but for now, here's a throwback to the start of the year.

It's worth noting that much of NoQuarter Plus is dedicated to showing off groups participating in the Foodmachine 2013 charity event.
The cover looks pretty good, but the art suffers the perennial PP problem of being repeated later on.  
As standard       
Table of Contents           
I'm running out of things to say about contents pages   
Once again a good beginning gives way to highlighting the contents.      
News from the Front    
A look at the Dutch National Championship and Slam At The Ram             
New Releases  
Five pages of new releases cover a fair amount of stuff, from single model and new units, to Colossals and Gargantuans               
HORDES: Gargantuans Previews              
Seven pages with more rules from the Gargantuan book, which is a nice way for players to use a single model without having to shell out on a whole new tome.           
Modeling & Painting: Woldwrath             
Six pages dedicated to painting the Worldwraith covers things well, and there are some good techniques to be pulled out for people painting other models.           
Guts & Gears: Doom Reavers    
A glorious 12 pages covers background, Iron Kingdom Rules and the painting of these berserkers.
Reproduced in part in No Quarter Plus  
In Battle Forged: Patriot’s Crucible          
A new series, tied in to the tenth year of Warmachine we get background and rules for one of the famous historical battles from the game's background     
Reproduced in part in No Quarter Plus  
Forces of Distinction XII
A Skorne force gets added this month, with a focus on Siege Animantaraxes and Mammoths    
Monsternomicon & Beyond       
Seven pages of rules for adding Bats, Rats, and oddly, Buffalo into your IK RPG games. Shame one page is lost to the intro though.               
Iron Kingdoms Gazetteer: Wexmere     
A whole slew of background for the mining town of Wexmere, which makes interesting background reading even if you're not an IK RPG player.    
Reproduced in part in No Quarter Plus  
Campaign Terrain            
A very brief background and rules piece for adding a Ghost-Cursed Ruin. Sadly it lacks any construction particulars          
Privateer Press Publication Plans             
A big press release for the new line of PP books from Skull Island eXpeditions, and from Pyr, as well as their new Privateer Press Digital App             
Reproduced in full in No Quarter Plus    
Battle Report: Divine Retribution             
A 16 page battle report that has a huge wodge of text, and maps (lacking movement arrows though). And left me feeling like I knew how and why the battle went down. Pictures that didn't just focus on the two big models would have been nice though
Steamroller 2013             
Two pages pushing Steamroller, and giving a snapshot of the tourny scene.        
Reproduced in full in No Quarter Plus    
Terrain Building: Building Blocks
We get six pages about making moulds to cast brick paving slabs for the terrain board project this month.           
Lock & Load GameFest 2013       
A plug for Lock & Load  
Reproduced in full in No Quarter Plus    
Player Gallery   
A nice Trollkin force this month, along with a page on portable gaming tables.    
The Armory: Iron Kingdoms RPG              
Templates for the IK RPG players.           
Reproduced in full in No Quarter Plus    
Inside Back Cover           
Gargantuans ad               
Back Cover         
A Convergence related tease    

 No Quarter is looking impressively consistent, with a score over the preceding two issues of  91 and 91. Give that it's a 97 page publication this month, 90 is a fantastic score (I'm going to have to improve the rating to make direct comparison between different companies magazines easier, but this is good by any measure). I feel like I know more about the hobby and about the game background and that there's content I can come back to, for tips or simply to read, a number of times.