April Planning

After the failure of March, I have a very limited list of things to do this month.

Paint Yu-Jing Imperial Service

These guys should hopefully come along quiet well now I've cracked the method for painting the armour. There are six models to paint in the boxed set (the female Celestial Guard has been swapped out for a male, because I have some conversion work to do on her, but want to get the force painted) and I want the lot done by the end of the month.

Paint Malifaux Death Marshals

These are pretty much ready for the paint brush, and they've been on the painting station for a while now with no progress.

Not Bases

I might get around to getting things based, but I'm more interested in having the models painted. If I get that done I'll move onto the bases.

No Tau

I do not need to start a new army, or "just" buy the Ripetide (although if anyone wants to send me one, for review, do get in touch).

Spring Clean Of The Blog

There are things that need to be updated, reorganised, and generally prettified on here. I won't remove anything (although I do feel like editing some older stuff I'll leave that alone), but I will be adding some things to make navigation easier.

Is there anything people would like to see added or changed? Anything not working for you as things stand?

I'll give a bit of warning if I'm going to alter anything serious on the display or code side of things.

While we're in the general area of the topic, how is everyone feeling about the 8pm GMT daily update. Too late? Too early? Just right?

Hopefully I can nail the above (or not in the case of the prohibited things), and end the month on a high note rather than bemoaning getting stuff done.