From The Æther - 13.04.2013

There's been a lot of links that I could have put in this post, but they've been about big subjects that I'd rather cover (well, ramble about) over the next week, rather than loose them below. That said though for all the great content I'm leaving off, I've put some equally great stuff in.

Spikey Rat Pack shows off a second Femmes Imperum conversion.


Gav Thorpe talks about Corax, and the path he embarks upon in Soulforge.

The Shell Case reviews Horus Heresy (the board game, not the whole book series).

LilLegend Studio starts painting and reviews the new Farsight miniature.

Jake Thornton on Quirkworthy  muses about what the possible release of BLood Bowl as GW's LE box game this year means for the larger BB community.

Mengel Miniatures makes a start on Traitor Guard conversions


Constantly Risking Obscurity makes something truly disturbing.


Rob Hawkins makes a trio of Gobber conversions for the Iron Kingdom RPG

Chem Gobber 
Bell Of Lost Souls takes a look at GW shareholders, and the trading between different investment companies.

Miniature Tim talks digital content.

Fields Of Blood has an interesting spread sheet from GW

Faeit 212 looks into GW's Pre-Order Policy.

The Shell Case reviews Sedition Wars