Gundam Customized Build - Broadcast Signal Intrusion

I came across this last week, and thought I'd share it with you. To get the full impact of the above, you need to look at the before and after pictures. It's worth taking a look at these full size, to see just how much detail has been added.

Gunpla (as the hobby of making and tinkering with these kits is known) shares quite a bit with the miniature gaming hobby, in terms of the constructing and painting of plastic kits, and the amount you can alter them from the original product. For something with obvious parallels, the two don't seem to cross over that readily though (or maybe they do and I've just not seen it). Food for though.

I'm almost tempted to try and find a kit I like and do a bit of a comparison, but they're not that cheap, and there's a ridiculously large selection. There are some design cues I'll be stealing for the Yu Jung, as mentioned in previous posts.

Via Gundam Guy


  1. Funnily enough, back when I first began getting into 40K (in the very early 90's) by way of Rogue Trader, I used a 1/144 scale Gundam kit as a Blood Angels dreadnought. Think it was a Zeon Zaku....

    Also, love a good Gundam kit. Got a fair few decent ones, just a shame I can't spend the time I'd like to give 'em a proper finish. For this reason there's a big, 1/60 scale Gundam Seed Strike kit sitting in my room that I dread trying to put together :D

    1. I had a Z Knight and Zoids, but that as I've ever really come. Sadly neither graced the tabletop.

      It does seem that people take a huge sum of hours to complete a kit, despite the preference for airbrushes. All the prep work gives me the fear, as one slip of the knife and it's all ruined. Not to mention all the sanding that the internet suggests.


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