High Elves Pictures Leaked

via Dice and Brush, Fields Of Blood and Bell Of Lost Souls

Looks like it's a good time to like pointy ears, whichever universe you're in

Army shot

 Mage, looking a lot more heavily armoured than you'd expect.

Eagle Charior variant (with Plastic Lord I expect)

 Eagle Chariot

 Phoenixes with box

Alarielle, with a depatrue from the usual HE look (not sure about the hair).

Maiden Guard Character
 Maiden Guard / Guard Of Avelon
(The faces all look very similar, but that may be the "because I'm worth it" hair)

Shadow Warriors

Some interesting models in here, with a lot of new units for the Army Book. At some point soon I need to sit down with a spreadsheet and work out the chances of existing plastic units being redone for an army release, vs metal/finecast units/models being moved to plastic.


  1. High Elves used to be one of my armies... but I just can't seem to get on with these miniatures. They look... well plasticy. Now I know that many of them will indeed be plastic, but they look weird. The hair in particular is just wrong. I'm just not feeling them at all.

    1. 'lo.

      There is something oddly static about the models, even those with movement implied. The hair looks bizarrely as if it's acting as one piece, which it is, but as if it's intentionally sculpted as a single mass.

  2. The hair on the Maiden Guard does look a little ott, but overall I love the fact that they appear to be a plastic combo kit with Shadow Warriors....

    Also, I suspect that the dude with all the Sea Guard detailing might be (at long last) Phoenix King Finubar the Seafarer...

    1. Unless they also come with a wind machine to place and explain why eveything is flowing in one direction the hair is odd. They do look to be a combo kit with the Shadow Warriors, and I'll be interested to see how the kit breaks down to accomplish that.

      It'd be good to see Finubar on the tabletop, we'll have to wait and see.


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