Mantic Launch Deadzone On Kickstarter

Anyone remember the infomercials at the start of Starship troopers?

Mantic have launched a Kickstarter for their new game, Deadzone.

Deadzone is introducing quite a few new things for Mantic, including scenery, and two new factions, as well as new models and the bits and pieces needed for the game itself. The Kickstarter is doing well already, surpassing its stable-mate Dreadball.

It's interesting that this Kickstarter is focusing on a new game for Mantics SF range, rather than following the model of the Kings of War Kickstarter, and providing core rules and armies of varying sizes. I imagine that having that to handle is enough for them at the moment, without trying to develop a second full scale game along side it. I wonder what will happen to Project Pandora, and if that will see a follow up, or be folded into this system.

The models and scenery still seem very much at the concept/digital render stage for some of the pieces, but hopefully everything else is far enough along that no one will be put off by this. The delivery date is December this year, so it's closer than some Kickstarters I've backed. 

Anyway, go take a look. I'd put up a list of models, but the way the total is climbing it seems foolish. Instead here's the big pledge level