The Return Of White Dwarf Army Bundles

It's been a very long while since the time when the Mail Order section in the back of White Dwarf would feature the armies from a month's Battle Report as bundles ready to buy.

Well it'd seem that they're back.

Up for pre-order are the two forces used in the 400th issue (so it remains to see if this will be a special anniversary event, or if this will become a regular thing), Tau and Nids. Spoilers: The Tau won.

The first is the Shadowsun Firestrike Hunter Cadre, yours for £428.

"It contains Commander Shadowsun; two Crisis battlesuit teams; a  XV104 Riptide Battlesuit, two  XV15 Stealth Armour Teams; two sets of Fire Warriors; a Pathfinder Team; a Sun Shark Bomber; a Hammerhead Gunship; Longstrike and three XV88 Broadside battlesuits."

Doing the math that comes out to £416.00, unless the GW store is adding things up wrong, which they clearly are in one instance, but I'm not sure which. EDIT - GW have since updated the listing to include a a XV15 Shas'ui that was missed out of the original information given above, which makes the price correct for the bundle.

The second force is Hive Fleet Eumenides at £538.50

 "It contains a Hive Tyrant; three Hormagaunt Broods; two Termagant Broods; two Tyrannofex kits; four Tyranid Warrior Broods; two Genestealer Broods; three Zoanthropes; a Venomthrope; a Trygon; and three Carnifexes."

This army does add up to £538.50, so I've no idea what's happening with the Tau (EDIT - Yes I have, see above)

I can't find the points values for these force, but it does highlight the costs involved in buying an army, with additional outlay required for rules, Codex, glue, paints, etc.

I'll be keeping an eye out for more of these appearing in the future. It'd be nice if we saw conversion bundles, given the Army Of The Month, Kitbash and Blanchitsu articles White Dwarf is running. Maybe it's something that will appear if GW go back into the bits market, and could be an easy way to test the water, even if it's selling full sprues out of a box rather than individual bits.


  1. There's also an XV15 shas'ui for £12, which makes up the difference. Perhaps they forgot to list it originally, and have since corrected it?

    1. The quote I have up there is what was originally listed, so there's been a very quiet change on the GW site since. I'll edit the post to reflect this.


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