Infinity - April Release

It still throws me that the Infinity releases come at the back end of the month. Here's the latest set in the order Blogger's chosen to put the images up. 

Scots Guard

We saw this model last month. I really like the cloak, but it's ruined by having the big, non camouflaged, shoulder pad being so obvious.

Kirpal Singh, Akalis Major Sergeant

 A great model, the basics are all there, accentuated by the little details. The pose is solid and commanding, the armour is well detailed, and the face really draws the eye. I really like the helmet hanging from his belt. I really can't fault this model.

Domaru Takeshi “Neko” Oyama

Another fantastic character model, it'd take way too long to list the good points. The bad however is limited to two things. The sword grip being so low, and the manga stylings of face/hair. Otherwise it's a perfect model.

Haqqislam Support Pack

Unusually for the support packs, the Doctor and Engineer have been re-sculpted. The Doc looks good (apart from the bare midriff), but I can't shake the idea that the Engineer is sitting on an invisible stool.

Chaksa Auxiliaries

I'm really not a fan of these models. There's something disappointingly retro about them, and it's just not working for me. I'm not sure if it's lack of detail on the flesh, the chunky armour plates, or the shoulder mounted missile launcher.

I think Kirpal Singh is the model of the month, with other releases fallig short in one way or another. We really need to see another Tohaa push or their forces are going to stay a long way behind the model pool of other factions.

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