Zombicide I - Second Wave Review

So then, Zombicide's second wave. Firstly it's worth noting two changes that have been made to the expected model between the end of the Kickstarter and now. 

In one of the most recent updatesthere was this little paragraph tagged on the end. I'm not impressed with the level of communication this shows, in how last minute backers have been infromed.
"At Miramax's request, Guillotine Games made some modifications to the costumes for Eva and Marvin - if you ordered them and don't like what you got, we'll be happy to take them back, just drop us an email."
Trying to track down the original artwork online is difficult, but I did manage to find a picture of the sculpts, in their unaltered forms.

Given the number of Kickstarters that are borrowing inspiration for their figures from popular culture, I'm surprised we're not seeing much more of this sort of thing, with someone with an interest stepping in to "protect" an image. However moving on to what the models themselves look like now. 


Very little has changed, beyond the beard being filled out, and the tie going missing, both things that can be easily changed if desired. Note the Space Marine for a bit of scale. The bases are just shy of 25mm.


Yellow plastic doesn't photograph well. The gun has been swapped out, the sheathed Katana has been lost, a beret has been added along with shoulder pad things. This model is going to require a bit of work to get back to being the model I expected it to be.

And now to get properly started on the review.

The models are all made of slightly flexible plastic, that none the less holds detail well. Despite the photo's not showing it brilliantly, all the models are well sculpted, and lack much in the way of mold lines

If I have a gripe, it's about the packaging of the models, which seems excessive.As seen at the top, some of the special Kickstarter edition models come in their own boxes, with a plastic window showing the model. Inside they are held in a huge plastic enclosure.  For relatively robust seeming models this seems excessive, especially considering that the box does not have room for the stats cards, which were shipped lose. Each box also contains two plastic points trackers that slot over the top of the stats cards, which I failed to take a picture of.

The sets came with a survivor and a zombivor variant, all of which seems nicely different from the original, rather than being a dead version of the same model. 


I like both poses, but you can't argue with that chainsaw. 


The picture does the models very little justice, as both are really nice models, with the elegant survivor Ivy contrasting against the ragged zombivor.

Set #1

 Another case of packaging gone wild, as you'll see below, this set includes three new survivors, their zombivor variants, and the zombivor versions of the three Kickstarter exclusive survivors released in the first wave.

Just look at all that spare plastic. Note the trackers on the left hand side.

And here's the stats cards for the survivors, with their zombie variants on the reverse.

Chaz, The Cardboard Tube Samurai, and Troy.

Three great models, although there's going to be a big fight over who gets to play Troy (the thing on his back is blu-tac, holding him up for a good photo). Groovy.

And here's what they look like dead.

And lastly we have the zombivor versions of Nick, Dave and El Cholo, each of which shows a good progression from the original models.

All in all I'm pleased with the models in the set. The quality seems good, and they add a good bit of variety and knowing winks to the pool of survivors. It's a shame about Marvin and Eva being changed, but neither is impossible to convert. I just need to find the right sized pistol and a katana. Watch this space.