Art and Story

I find myself returning to the hobby after a long absence. Not as long an absence as the silence on the blog would suggest, but long enough. It's the Age of Sigmar release that has drawn me back in. Back to the hobby and especially back to Games Workshop's properties, after a laundry list of dalliances with other systems. This return hasn't been a straight line though, and the future is going to follow a very different path to what has preceded it.


I have never really been a gamer. I play rarely, and while I do enjoy gaming, it has not been where the bulk of my hobby time has been spent. My hobby past is littered with half finished army projects, leaps into different gaming systems, and growing piles of unpainted models. It's certainly not filled with tournament worthy forces that have rampaged over the tabletop. The glorious victories and crushing defeats I've had in the course of my gaming career can be counted up in fairly short order, with the later outweighing the former by some margin. It's not this failure that keeps me from gaming, it's just not the part of the hobby that interests me the most (Something I'm not alone in, according to Games Workshop's latest numbers1). Instead it has always been the story, the models, and the artwork that has captured me. It's not been the rules, and yet I have always behaved as if it has been. This dissonance has been the cause of many of my separations from the hobby.