Wrath Of Kings
House Nasier Preview

House Nasier Starter Box


  1. It looks like you already have a sizable force assembled! What would you say about the quality of the sculpts and their casting in plastic? Better than some of Mantic's restic affairs, I assume?

    1. That's just the models from the starter set. It feels ver much like a proper force from the start, which is a far cry from what many other games give you to begin with.

      I've been very impressed with the sculpts and the plastic. They'll be a set of review posts going up on Monday, but in brief...

      While the models bare the closest resemblance to Warmachine in terms of ease of assembly (being shaped pen into shaped hole for the most part) I rank them above both Privateer and Mantic (I have never had such trouble cleaning mold lines as on their Dreadball plastics, so much so that I gave up with them) for quality. I've only seen better plastics from GW (no one beats GW for crispness) and from Wyrd (who have been in my experience fiddly to assemble).

      Mold lines have been almost none existent across the models I have assembled, and easy to clean off when they did occur. Assembly has been a breeze, aside from the small blades on the back of the Nasier Ashmen, but they were never going to be easy to do. The larger model at the back required the peg between the legs and main body trimming to make it fit, but that was the one bit or engineering work I had to undertake. On that same model, the spear being held in his right hand in fact slides into a hole which passes all the way through his hand, something I've never seen before.

      TL;DR Overall I can strongly recommend the Wrath of Kings models.


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