Wrath Of Kings

Those of you who made it all the way to the bottom of yesterday's post will know I have chosen to go with Wrath of Kings as the system to focus on in 2016.

Wrath of Kings satisfies all the criteria I was selecting against when winnowing down the systems available. It's 28mm, with some really nice models, interesting rules (especially for army building), and solid background.

The different Houses of Wrath of Kings have incredibly different looks, and all avoid standard fantasy tropes. There is nary an Elf or Orc in sight. The models look great, and there is wide variation within the individual Houses.

The game should scale well from a small number of models to a full clash of armies, which allows me to start playing games from the very inception of my collection, and not have to start rotating out units as it grows.

The background for the five Houses is very solid, as is their motivations for going to war. The world also gives serious leeway for any force fighting any other force, (a major failing of the old Warhammer Fantasy, where some forces required major narrative gymnastics to even meet (looking at you Wood Elves)).

Having picked a system the next step is to make a start getting my hobby skills back up to scratch, and lay my plans.


  1. Of all the races, Hadross looks most appealing to me. I like the combination of nautical elements and Cthulhu stylings. I do feel that some of the models from the game have some pretty unrealistic depictions of women, which is a turn off for me. It looks like the Hadross might avoid a lot of that.

    1. Though, truth be told, the female Nasier soldiers do have a nice weight to them. And are not the stereotypical swimsuit model body. So, I think that is good. I wish they had more on them, though. It does not look like they would be off to battlem

    2. You've touched upon the one issue that made me uncomfortable about the game and the reason why I went with it.

      The Nasier Bloodmasks, in the girlfriend's words "look like real women". Had they been sculpted with comic book proportions I would have stayed away from the game. Their nudity also has an in game explanation. Their masks make their skin as hard as stone, and wearing armour is seen as an unnecessary encumbrance. They also enjoy unsettling their foes with their nudity.

      I think House Goritsi has the strangest depiction of the female form, with its "sexy werewolf ladies".

      Hadross and Teknes do seem to sidestep much of the unsettling sexuality. The Wrath of Kings Facebook page has previews of some very nicely done, fully clothes, sensibly proportioned, female warriors for Teknes (boob armour aside).

      I was sorely tempted by Hadross because painting them would be so very very far outside my comfort zone, and they are such different models from the run of the mill fantasy forces.

  2. Thanks for the insight. It helps me clear up my thoughts about the models and the range. If I had more time, I would have liked to be part of your challenge. My brother Adam, the main modeller and painter of Between the Bolter and Me, is knee deep in work on the Pilgrym Project.

    1. That's alright, glad to be of use.

      Sad to hear you won't be joining in the madness. It'd have been great to have you. If you change your mind then you'd be more than welcome at any point.

      The work being done for the Pilgrym Project is truly inspiring, I can't wait to see what comes next.


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