Harbingers Of Wrath

Laid out below is the list of participants for Tale of Wrath, outside the core group made up by the Scions.

Sign up will remain open throughout the event, either by sending an email to screwedupdice@gmail.com or by sending a direct message on Twitter. Include your Name, Blog (or similar), and your chosen House. Head over to the hub page for more details.


Waaargh Pug (aka Clay)

House House Teknes


House Goritsi


Whispe Raconte Des Trucs
House Teknes

Jordan Carasa

House Nasier

Teri Litorco

House Shael Han


House Teknes



The blog has also been received support from those not taking part directly in Tale of Wrath. 

Knee deep in Iron Sleet's Pilgrym Project the Wier Brothers have none the less found time to throw their support behind the project.

Who have mentioned the blog more than once. 

Scions Of Wrath

The original run of Tale of Four Gamers in White Dwarf focused, unsurprisingly, on the titular four gamers as they built their armies. While Tale of Wrath goes beyond this by including participants from the wider internet (see the Harbingers of Wrath), there will also be a central group of four gamers posting to Screwed Up Dice.


1) Screwed Up Dice

House Nasier
My hobby history is well recorded elsewhere on the blog if you wish to go looking. In brief, it’s all Hyperion Stooge’s fault, drawing me into the hobby with Combat Cards many years ago. Since then I’ve dabbled across armies and systems, amassing shelves worth of plastic both painted and not. At some point along the way I decided it’d be a sensible idea to run a hobby blog that posted daily. I’ve swung away from and back to the hobby since them, and am very much looking forward to Wrath of Kings being the first system for which I truly have a fully painted and finished army that has seen tabletop time.

And now to hand this post over to them, to give you an idea just quite how different a group we are as hobbyists…

2) Hyperion Stooge

House Shael Han
Hyperion Stooge is a London-based gamer who has been wargaming for over 20 years. He has mainly been focused on Games Workshop systems, particularly enjoying the specialist games but managing to find time to collect Empire and Chaos Dwarf armies. Wrath Of Kings seems like a very slick system with some great models and will keep him busy while waiting for Monolith’s Conan game. He is more of a painter and modeller than a gamer these days but enjoys all three when work permits.

3) Ollie

House Teknes
Ollie has been playing wargames for around 20 years, starting with an army of 40k Orks (of which very limited photographic evidence exists - this is for the best). He’s never been that much of a painter, and when younger didn’t have the patience to get decent paint jobs done. Now he perhaps has the patience but not the time. Since his early days of gaming he has moved away from GW for other systems, including Infinity, X-Wing Miniatures, Warmachine/Hordes, Malifaux, Flames of War, and a few others. Living in a remote rural location does not make getting games easy, so he only tends to get to play Warmachine/Hordes (Trollbloods, mostly) - and even then it’s an hours travel so most often it’s only worth it for tournaments or special events.


House Goritsi
He’s very busy.

Month Zero
Summary Post

I am not as prepared as I would like for Month One of Tale of Wrath. I suspect that I would not be happily prepared given three times as long. So it goes. That’s not to say I’m not ready. I’m just not as ready as I might be.

I've not painted anything this month. Obviously the moratorium on starting painting the House Nasier Starter Box until March has been in place, putting them out of bounds, but I had hoped to get in some practice in preparation at least.

I’ve been doing a fair bit of work around the hobby, if not true hobby work itself, alongside getting Tale of Wrath in motion, and while some of that has been hinted at there’re also things I’m keeping quiet until next month.

So, excuses made, what have I been doing?

House Teknes Starter Set

House Teknes specialise in taking the hardest blows the enemy can throw and striking back even harder.

The House Teknes Starter box contains 30 miniatures for £60 / $70 :
12x Union Worker - Infantry Rank 1
 2x Union Boss - Leader Rank 1
12x Defender Lineman - Infantry Rank 1
 2x Lineman Controller - Leader Rank 1
 1x The Zaalak - Specialist Rank 1
 1x Galvanic Defender - Specialist Rank 1

House Shael Han Starter Set

House Shael Han rely on the adaptability of their force to make up for the relative lack of the enhanced Infantry available to other forces, using Specialists and Leaders to bolster their troops.

The House Shael Han Starter box contains 24 miniatures for £60 / $70 :
12x Dragon Legionnaire - Infantry Rank 1
 2x Dragon Legon Keeper - Leader Rank 1
 6x The Wrath - Infantry Rank 2
 2x Big Sister - Leader Rank 1
 1x Hammer of Heaven - Specialist Rank 1
 1x Shield of Taelfan - Specialist Rank 1

House Nasier Starter Set

House Nasier's soldiers are empowered by the Elementals harnessed within their warmasks, and their style of gameplay rewards aggression.  

The House Nasier Starter box contains 30 miniatures for £60 / $70 :
12x Ashman Swordsmen - Infantry Rank 1
 2x Ashman Hakar - Leader Rank 1
12x Pelegarth Bloodmask - Infantry Rank 1
 2x Pelegarth Howl - Leader Rank 1
 1x Rathor - Specialist Rank 1
 1x Longhorn - Specialist Rank 1

House Hadross Starter Set

House Hadross boast some of the most resilient infantry in the game, and lean heavily towards a defensive play style, growing stronger as the game progresses, using Resonate markers to weaken any enemy who takes down one of their number. 

The House Hadross Starter box contains 24 miniatures for £60 / $70 :
12x Deepman Guardians - Infantry Rank 1
  2x Deepman Kaxas - Leader Rank 1
  6x Sevridan Gutter - Infantry Rank 2
  2x Gutter Friar - Leader Rank 1
  1x Deepcaller - Specialist Rank 1
  1x Calith Reaver - Specialist Rank 1

House Goritsi Starter Box

House Goritsi take to the field with a force of hulking Werewolves and lithe Vampires. Favouring hit and run tactics, the army is about manoeuvrability rather than durability.

The House Goritsi Starter box contains 24 miniatures for £60 / $70 :
12x War Dancer  - Infantry Rank 1
2x  Dancing Master  - Leader Rank 1
6x  Skorza Skirmisher   - Infantry Rank 2
2x  Skorza Alpha  - Leader Rank 1
1x  Scourge Hound  - Specialist Rank 1
1x  Shield Breaker  - Specialist Rank 1

++Between The Bolter And Me++
Orsund Cavalier Unboxing

Between the Bolter and Me have been kind enough to take a break from the awesome work they are doing on Iron Sleet's Pilgrym Project and put together an unboxing video for the Orsund Cavalier from Wrath of Kings.

Given their other work I look forward to seeing what they do with the model.

Go take a look at their site, and have a listen to their podcast Dragged into Turbolasers.

Tale of Wrath
Call To Arms

With Month Zero of Tale Of Wrath more than half done the blog will be ramping things up in order to hit the ground running for Month One.

(If Wrath of Kings isn't your thing I'll also be working hard to keep other content flowing. Screwed Up Dice has ever been broad in its interests)

While sign up has been good, it'd be great to have more people involved. Go add your name to the Month Zero post if you are interested.

For those of you that have already decided to join the event, and will be taking part publicly, it's time to step up.

I'll be putting up a list of Participants in the next few days, but in order to do that I'll need some details...

Name (preferably the same as used for any comments, with an url as needed)
Blog and url (or similar)
House (What House you'll be building an army for)

If you can drop the above information into an email and send it to screwedupdice@gmail.com I will add you to the roll of honour.

If you already have a force and want to take on new players on the battlefield then it'd be great to hear from you. Or if you'll be joining in later months to expand on an army you already own.

Anyone wishing to take part in some manner, but not fully join in with Tale of Wrath then feel free to drop me an email as well.

Netrunner Unboxing

As promised yesterday here is my unboxing post for Android:Netrunner.

The first thing to note is the size of the box the game comes in, which is a little under a foot square, is surprisingly large for a card game. 

Turning it over gives some idea why such a large box is needed. The box contains enough cards for three variants each of the two separate types of deck, Runner and Corporation, used in the game.

For those keeping count, that's a total of 248 cards (although it's worth noting that many of those are duplicates) along with 4 reference cards and 102 tokens.

Net runner
How These Things Begin

The path to a new game is not always a straight line. In the case of finding Wrath of Kings I traveled in a fairly direct and logical line, narrowing down the options available until I ended up picking the game out of a short list. You can see the process in action in this post.
More often I find myself stumbling on games thanks to hearing about them, seeing them in store, or seeing something mentioned on the web.

Screwed Up Dice

For anyone wishing to promote the Tale of Wrath event I've made a very rough poster for that purpose.

You can find a PDF of that version here, and a more printer friendly version here. The QR code used is below. Both it and the tiny url lead to the Month Zero page.

Space Wolf Characters
Wrath of Kings Character Boxes

Games Workshop have just released three new characters for the Space Wolves Chapter (with a plastic Ragnar Blackmane notable by his absence). Each one of the new models weight in at a fairly steep £18.50 per model. This price seems all the higher when you consider that a Space Wolf Pack of 10 models is only £23.  Buying all three of the new character models will set you back £55.50.

Looking towards Wrath of Kings for a comparison over prices brings us to the Character Boxes for each House.

Marvel Universe Miniatures Game
Avaliable For Pre Order

Knight Models have opened up their Marvel Universe Miniature Game for pre-order.
They are currently selling the box sets (The Avengers, The X-Men, and The Guardians Of The Galaxy) at the reduced cost of €39.99 (rather than €45.00), until Feb 24th.
As well as the starter sets there are also single models in the shape of Deadpool, Black Panther, and Nova, all at €19.95, making the box sets a considerable saving. 

Wrath Of Kings Unboxing
Rathor and Longhorn

And so we come to the final models in the Starter Box, the two Specialists, the Rathor and the Longhorn.

The Rathor is certainly the largest and complex model in the box, while the Longhorn is actually a deceptively easy build. I was certainly expecting it to be in more parts.

Take a close look at the Rathor's right fist. It's staff fits directly into that hole. I've not seen this before, and I'm impressed. It avoids the need for fiddly parts being glued onto the fist, and allows for much better posing than a solid joint can provide.

Wrath Of Kings Unboxing
Pelegarth Howls

As with the Ashmen Hakars the Pelegarth Howls are the nominal leaders of the Bloodmasks in the Starter Box although the rules add more wrinkles to this relationship than seen in other tabletop games. The Howls share a further similarity with the Hakars in that their sculpts, while substantially the same model tweaked slightly (in this case, swords, shields, heads and shoulder ornaments differ).

Once again the abundance of flesh at least gets a background nod (the Howls being a more powerful, transformed version of a Bloodmasks), although at this point it is possibly passing into ridiculousness.

Like the Bloodmasks the Howls come in four parts and are remarkably easy to put together. The sprue on the sword seems like an oddity after the otherwise loose parts.

Wrath Of Kings Unboxing
Pelegarth Bloodmasks

And now for the potentially problematic part of the Nasier Starter Box, the Pelegarth Bloodmasks.

As the picture above shows the Bloodmasks are mostly nude, something which sets off alarm bells about whether or not Wrath of Kings is a game I want to play. Clearly I have decided that it is, and that I am happy running Bloodmasks in my force. I have two main reasons here.

Firstly that their nudity is at least mentioned (if not completely rationalised) in the background.
"With their skin as tough as stone and their near immunity to pain, Bloodmasks  and ordinary armour just an irritating encumbrance. In addition, as ‘shock troops’ Bloodmasks derive great amusement from the disconcerting effect their near nudity has on their enemies" - Taken from the Pelegarth Bloomasks unit entry in the Wrath of Kings rulebook.
Secondly that the models are a far cry from having the usual exaggerated proportions generally seen on female wargaming models, and instead are sculpted as a far more realistic representation of the female form. It takes the models a much needed step away from just being cheesecake and instead leaves them looking as though they could do some serious harm on the battlefield.

It's worth saying that not all models in Wrath of Kings take this approach and there are some that do fall more towards a more dubious end of the spectrum. Anyway, on with the review...

Wrath Of Kings Unboxing
Ashmen Hakars

The Ashmen Hakars lead the Ashmen in battle. Thanks to Wrath of Kings' rules and army building system they are not attached to the Ashmen in the same way that a Space Marine Sergeant is attached to his squad. Instead they take a role far more in line with that of an Independent Character (which is very much a simplification, but it'll do for now).

The Hakars share the same general body, but are differentiated by their heads and weaponry.

Wrath Of Kings Unboxing

With the General Unboxing out of the way it's time to move onto the specifics of the House Nasier Starter Box. Above are pictured the 12 Ashmen included in the starter box. You'll find my opinion on the models at the end of the post.

The Ashmen are based on three different body types, which are varied thanks to each body having two different weapons options (including the banner).  (Note there are only the parts needed to make 12 models with nothing left over. I do not mean to imply you'll be filling your bits box up with 12 sets of arms).

The figure comes individually bagged, so there should be no confusion of parts. Below you can see the three different body types with one weapon option a piece, loose arms, and at the top of the picture their back spikes. You can also clearly see the pegs on the feet which are used instead of Games Workshop's slot system.

Wrath Of Kings Unboxing

The starter sets for Wrath of Kings all contain models of various sizes. Above can be seen the contents of the House Nasier set, compared with a Space Marine.

Wrath Of Kings Unboxing

The bases supplied with Wrath of Kings are unusual enough to deserve their own post outside of the unboxing post.

The picture above shows a 50mm, 40mm, and 30mm base. As can be seen on the left hand base, the bases are recessed rather than flat. They are also have a considerably smoother finish than other sorts of bases.

Wrath Of Kings Unboxing

This post will be taking a slightly different format to my previous reviews, acting as a hub for reviewing all five Starter Boxes for Wrath of Kings.

This post will cover general unboxing, with ancillary posts covering bases and the scale of the models. You can find my post comparing the starter boxes here. I'll be adding link to specific unit review as they are posted.

Wrath of Kings
Starter Sets

The easiest way into Wrath of Kings is via their starter sets. Coming in at £60/$70 they are not the cheapest starter sets on the shelves, but they do come in on the heavy side with model count. Depending upon which House you chose the starter set will contain either 24 or 30 figures. I'll be going into a deep review of one of sets next week, but I can say right now that you do get very good models for your money. I'll also be comparing starter sets for different systems later in the month, so you can see how Wrath of Kings stacks up against other systems.

The top image shows the contents of each starter set. The table below puts the whole range in context, with the units outlined in their House colours being the ones included in the box set.

Tale Of Wrath
Month Zero
Sign Up and Preperation

·Welcome to Tale Of Wrath·

Tale Of Wrath is my attempt to take the Tale of Four Gamers format and apply it to Wrath of Kings. For a full introduction to this project, follow this link. For a complete overview read this PDF. Think of it as a hobbyists' NaNoWriMo


The main aim of this endeavour is to get an army built, painted, and out onto the tabletop. However I’m going to add a layer of rivalry and competition to the proceeding. You’ll see that along with the standard monthly goals that come from A Tale of Four Gamers, from Month One onwards there will also be Bonus Goals and a number value in brackets (1) next to them, which represent a fairly quick and dirty scoring system. The Bonus Goals are unlocked upon completion of the main goals.

At the end of each month I’ll be adding up the scores and announcing a winner.

At the end of Month Five the player with the most points will be awarded the title of


There will be a prize. 
May the dice be ever in your favour.

They'll also be a couple of smaller competitions and other chances to win prizes and gain points during the next six months. For now though, onto...



February 2016

Goal Summary

A Tale Of Wrath

Back in the depths of time (1998) Games Workshop ran a series called A Tale of Four Games. Over the course of six issues (UKWD 218 - 223) it charted the experiences of four heroes who have since passed into gaming legend. These valiant hobbyists took it upon themselves to build a Warhammer Fantasy Army for £150 over the course of 5 issues. Set a monthly allowance, they were tasked with buying, building, and painting their models on time and within budget. The sixth issue saw the four players battle it out to decide the ultimate champion.