Harbingers Of Wrath

Laid out below is the list of participants for Tale of Wrath, outside the core group made up by the Scions.

Sign up will remain open throughout the event, either by sending an email to screwedupdice@gmail.com or by sending a direct message on Twitter. Include your Name, Blog (or similar), and your chosen House. Head over to the hub page for more details.


Waaargh Pug (aka Clay)

House House Teknes


House Goritsi


Whispe Raconte Des Trucs
House Teknes

Jordan Carasa

House Nasier

Teri Litorco

House Shael Han


House Teknes



The blog has also been received support from those not taking part directly in Tale of Wrath. 

Knee deep in Iron Sleet's Pilgrym Project the Wier Brothers have none the less found time to throw their support behind the project.

Who have mentioned the blog more than once.