House Hadross Starter Set

House Hadross boast some of the most resilient infantry in the game, and lean heavily towards a defensive play style, growing stronger as the game progresses, using Resonate markers to weaken any enemy who takes down one of their number. 

The House Hadross Starter box contains 24 miniatures for £60 / $70 :
12x Deepman Guardians - Infantry Rank 1
  2x Deepman Kaxas - Leader Rank 1
  6x Sevridan Gutter - Infantry Rank 2
  2x Gutter Friar - Leader Rank 1
  1x Deepcaller - Specialist Rank 1
  1x Calith Reaver - Specialist Rank 1

The box contains all the necessary stats cards for the included models. The cards for the whole House Hadross range can be found here, with the full description and rules found in the Wrath of Kings rulebook.

Games of Wrath of Kings fall into one of three sizes; Intro, Skirmish and Battle. A Skirmish sized game requires the following, which is the perfect fit for the Starter Box (leaving one Leader model left over):
x3 Rank 1 Leaders 
x18 Rank 1 Infantry 
x2 Rank 1 Specialist 
Options (Select x2 of the following)
x3 Rank 1 Infantry
x1 Rank 1 Specialist

The House Hadross Starter Box is perfectly usable as is at Skirmish Level, but the addition of the fearsome Orsund Cavalier or a unit of Carcharian's in the optional selection is a great way to add variety and tactical options.

The addition of Characters, be it as Leaders or Specialists can change the force tactically and build it from a Skirmish to Battle sized force.

In the Tale of Wrath event participants will be picking a starter set and painting, gaming, and collecting around it, over the course of five months, to build their force from nothing into an all conquering army. You can find out more and join in with the event at the Month Zero page, or take a look at the Tale of Wrath Hub.