Month Zero
Summary Post

I am not as prepared as I would like for Month One of Tale of Wrath. I suspect that I would not be happily prepared given three times as long. So it goes. That’s not to say I’m not ready. I’m just not as ready as I might be.

I've not painted anything this month. Obviously the moratorium on starting painting the House Nasier Starter Box until March has been in place, putting them out of bounds, but I had hoped to get in some practice in preparation at least.

I’ve been doing a fair bit of work around the hobby, if not true hobby work itself, alongside getting Tale of Wrath in motion, and while some of that has been hinted at there’re also things I’m keeping quiet until next month.

So, excuses made, what have I been doing?
Those of you that have been following the blog from the start of the month will have seen the construction of the House Nasier Starter Box. Those of you have have missed it will find the best place to catch up to be the archive page.

I have been looking towards paint schemes and the like, and I am very much leaning towards adopting the colour scheme used in the artwork for House Nasier. This artwork can be seen on the stat cards and in the rulebook. I will need to up my game with freehand painting to get the bars and crosses that decorate the Nasier models right, but I may have a solution for that. Speaking of paints…

My paints have suffered from neglect. Very little has been added to my collection since this post on the 2012–04–08. Anyone looking to take the temperature of my involvement in the hobby over the last few years can get a good reading from that. With this as my starting point I have decided to push for a pretty much clean slate with my paints, rather than try and rescue pots from three or four product generations ago. I have no wish to get halfway through the army and find that the paint I was using is no longer available. I'll be sticking with Games Workshop's Citadel range for the most part, but may break away from that if specific effects are needed that they don't cater for. I had hoped to try out the colour scheme on some test models from outside the Wrath of Kings range, but I’ve not had chance. It’s very much at the top of my to do list going into the start of Month One.

Before I get to painting the models I need to deal with the issues of basing them. Wrath of Kings models come supplied with an unusual recessed base, which, along with the pin system used means a different approach to basing than I am used to with Games Workshop’s slot or flat bases. I have a variety of solutions in mind for the bases, and I’ll be testing a few ideas out in the coming week. This also dovetails into one of the sub projects I’m not mentioning yet, so watch this space.

The issue of basing also brings with it a chance to integrate the tokens used in Wrath of Kings into the game in a seamless way. This is very much a design challenge that needs to be tackled in tandem with how I to base the models. I have been mulling over some ideas, but need to try a few things in practice before I’m happy picking one.

Wrath of Kings requires D10 dice to play, which has meant picking some up to play the game with, my dice collection leaning far more towards D6’s over polyhedral dice. Not the biggest news I know, but an important step forward in actually being able to play the game next month.

For those of you following along with the Tale of Wrath series I promise this will be the last summary post without pictures you haven't already seen.

Month One will be the first month where I will be bound to the tasks I have set for the other participants of Tale of Wrath. Some of these I am already ahead with, thanks to the necessity of leading the way on the blog, but I’ll be doing as much as I can in step with the others taking part.

Month One will be a heavy month for Wrath of Kings related content on the blog, but I will be evening that out with posts that either range wider than just Wrath of Kings, or cover other games systems entirely. This last month has very much been about getting back into the swing of things and tweaking the blog to my satisfaction (as evidenced by the changes the appearance the blog has gone through in the last few weeks, (and may well continue to go through)). Month One will see some serious hobby posts come back to the blog, and posts in other arenas step up a gear as well. I'm also going to start running a general summary post alongside the Tale of Wrath specific one in order to track wider hobby stuff. You have been warned.

And that’s where I stand at the end of Month Zero of Tale of Wrath. For those of you who have not yet pitched in on the challenge, sign up remains wide open throughout the event, but Month One will provide the easiest ramp in, and put you amongst good company. Come join us. If you are on the fence about the model line than I suggest you look at the posts for each House I have done to get an overview of the models in the Starter Boxes and beyond.