Scions Of Wrath

The original run of Tale of Four Gamers in White Dwarf focused, unsurprisingly, on the titular four gamers as they built their armies. While Tale of Wrath goes beyond this by including participants from the wider internet (see the Harbingers of Wrath), there will also be a central group of four gamers posting to Screwed Up Dice.


1) Screwed Up Dice

House Nasier
My hobby history is well recorded elsewhere on the blog if you wish to go looking. In brief, it’s all Hyperion Stooge’s fault, drawing me into the hobby with Combat Cards many years ago. Since then I’ve dabbled across armies and systems, amassing shelves worth of plastic both painted and not. At some point along the way I decided it’d be a sensible idea to run a hobby blog that posted daily. I’ve swung away from and back to the hobby since them, and am very much looking forward to Wrath of Kings being the first system for which I truly have a fully painted and finished army that has seen tabletop time.

And now to hand this post over to them, to give you an idea just quite how different a group we are as hobbyists…

2) Hyperion Stooge

House Shael Han
Hyperion Stooge is a London-based gamer who has been wargaming for over 20 years. He has mainly been focused on Games Workshop systems, particularly enjoying the specialist games but managing to find time to collect Empire and Chaos Dwarf armies. Wrath Of Kings seems like a very slick system with some great models and will keep him busy while waiting for Monolith’s Conan game. He is more of a painter and modeller than a gamer these days but enjoys all three when work permits.

3) Ollie

House Teknes
Ollie has been playing wargames for around 20 years, starting with an army of 40k Orks (of which very limited photographic evidence exists - this is for the best). He’s never been that much of a painter, and when younger didn’t have the patience to get decent paint jobs done. Now he perhaps has the patience but not the time. Since his early days of gaming he has moved away from GW for other systems, including Infinity, X-Wing Miniatures, Warmachine/Hordes, Malifaux, Flames of War, and a few others. Living in a remote rural location does not make getting games easy, so he only tends to get to play Warmachine/Hordes (Trollbloods, mostly) - and even then it’s an hours travel so most often it’s only worth it for tournaments or special events.


House Goritsi
He’s very busy.