Space Wolf Characters
Wrath of Kings Character Boxes

Games Workshop have just released three new characters for the Space Wolves Chapter (with a plastic Ragnar Blackmane notable by his absence). Each one of the new models weight in at a fairly steep £18.50 per model. This price seems all the higher when you consider that a Space Wolf Pack of 10 models is only £23.  Buying all three of the new character models will set you back £55.50.

Looking towards Wrath of Kings for a comparison over prices brings us to the Character Boxes for each House.

Each Character Box contains three named character models that act as Rank 2 Leaders.

These three models each key into one of the Infantry units for the given House.

These Character Boxes come in at the relatively low price of £21.99, which seems especially good value when compared with the price of £55.50 to buy all three of Games Workshop's new models.

I realise I am beating the point over the head, but then I feel it needs doing. £18.50 is a fairly jaw dropping price for a single human sized model). To be fair to them Games Workshop's individual characters range from £25 (for the Knight-Venator/Azyros) to £6 (for a Goblin Shaman), with most of plastic character sets coming in at £11.


  1. The prices for GW's clampack plastic characters have started to become unreasonable. When they were first introduced, amidst the failure of the Finecast era, they were all reasonably priced. That era also had perhaps the best character models (Brian Nelson sculpted nearly all of the first Warhammer characters, and they have been used in countless conversions since then). Interestingly, a lot of these models are still fairly inexpensive. The bloated Nurgle Champion is still only £9! Back when the first of these clampacks came out, I would buy most of them because they were great models, even if I did not have a plan for them. Now, they are so expensive that I don't buy many of them.

    I think Eric and I are going to do an unboxing of a Wrath of Kings boxed set for Between the Bolter and Me (either the website or the youtube channel). I don't think we will be able to build an army or anything, but we would like to get involved with the excitement to some extent. It is always fun to discuss miniature games outside of Warhammer (we are trying to do something about Frostgrave, too).

    1. When it's almost cheaper to buy a full box of 10 troops with multiple parts and then convert your own characters from that set then something really has gone wrong. Anyone picking up characters just for the opportunity of painting something different has really been priced out of the market at this point.

      Between the Bolter and Me doing a Wrath of Kings' unboxing would be fantastic. Any decision on what set you'll chose? I'm flattered that you are joining in.

      Discussions of games outside of Warhammer are becoming increasingly important as the market widens in the wake of Kickstarters and the like (although many of them seem to be struggling with building upon the success of a Kickstarter that floods backers and then the secondary market with models).

      I was looking over Frostgrave as a possible skirmish game for 2016 at the end of last year (before getting distracted by two projects that are still unwraps and sadly neglected in favour of Tale of Wrath for the moment) I'll be interested in knowing your opinion of it, having only done some initial research.

  2. I am pretty sure it will be something from the Hadross. But, we shall see.

    We are hoping to have something up about Frostgrave soon, but things have been busy with the Pilgrym stuff.


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