Tale Of Wrath
Month Zero
Sign Up and Preperation

·Welcome to Tale Of Wrath·

Tale Of Wrath is my attempt to take the Tale of Four Gamers format and apply it to Wrath of Kings. For a full introduction to this project, follow this link. For a complete overview read this PDF. Think of it as a hobbyists' NaNoWriMo


The main aim of this endeavour is to get an army built, painted, and out onto the tabletop. However I’m going to add a layer of rivalry and competition to the proceeding. You’ll see that along with the standard monthly goals that come from A Tale of Four Gamers, from Month One onwards there will also be Bonus Goals and a number value in brackets (1) next to them, which represent a fairly quick and dirty scoring system. The Bonus Goals are unlocked upon completion of the main goals.

At the end of each month I’ll be adding up the scores and announcing a winner.

At the end of Month Five the player with the most points will be awarded the title of


There will be a prize. 
May the dice be ever in your favour.

They'll also be a couple of smaller competitions and other chances to win prizes and gain points during the next six months. For now though, onto...



February 2016

Goal Summary

Goal Breakdown

  • Spread the word about Tale Of Wrath
This project is very much designed and intended for wider participation. If Wrath of Kings isn’t for you then send the link on to someone who might be interested. Get the word out at your local gaming store, your blog, and around the forums. Pretty much anywhere you can think of.

The Wrath of Kings Rulebook is available as a free download from the game website, and provides the game rules and all necessary faction stats, as well as background for the game.

  • Choose a House
Wrath of Kings gives the player a choice of five Houses to play as. Pick wisely.

I’d pay particular attention to the army building guidelines and the deadlines for submitting for guest publication on Screwed Up Dice.

If you wish to join in with this project in a public way (and that is very much encouraged) then thrown your hat into the ring either by commenting on this post, messaging Screwed Up Dice on Twitter, or via the email link in the right sidebar. A list of participants will be found on Screwed Up Dice come mid February.

  • Prepare for the coming months of building, painting, and gaming.
Just as it sounds. I’ll be chronicling my own progress in this and every other regard on here.

And with that, it's up to you . Are you up to the challenge?


  1. Replies
    1. Welcome to Tale of Wrath. Congratulations for being the first to sign up. Pick a House, prepare you paints, and spread the word.

    2. I'll be doing my blog posts on Teknes. Box is in-hand, paints are ready, and assembly has begun!

    3. That's a fine start to make. I need to get my paints in order this week. Dreading to find how many have dried out.

  2. I might get in on this, but I need to get my hands on a starter box!

    1. Good luck picking one up. Come join us.

  3. Boom, I am in. I want to go over what I have for my Hadross and Nasier Houses, it will be one of the two.

  4. Hi. Good Teknes turn out so far. The other Houses need to step it up (Looking at you Hadross).

    1. Don't encourage more resonating shenanigans. ;)

  5. Second try... Shael Han! I'm in! Starter set purchased and waiting for ignominious defeat.

  6. Maybe could you publish a list of participants ?

    1. The list of participants will be going up on the 29th. I'm currently chasing and collating everyone's details.

  7. Unfortunately I'm going to paint my last Hadross models in March, otherwise it'd be great to get in on this!

    1. Not tempted to start a new army?

    2. My brother and I are the only players of WoK in the area, so we're set with our three armies. I am however planning on making some bases to use the Hadross as Nereticans in Kings of War!

    3. Three armies is probably enough then. If there's anyone in your area interested in picking up Wrath of Kings then point them this way.

      I've had little experience with Kings of War, aside from seeing the occasional update from Mantic. How are you finding the game?


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