Wrath of Kings
Starter Sets

The easiest way into Wrath of Kings is via their starter sets. Coming in at £60/$70 they are not the cheapest starter sets on the shelves, but they do come in on the heavy side with model count. Depending upon which House you chose the starter set will contain either 24 or 30 figures. I'll be going into a deep review of one of sets next week, but I can say right now that you do get very good models for your money. I'll also be comparing starter sets for different systems later in the month, so you can see how Wrath of Kings stacks up against other systems.

The top image shows the contents of each starter set. The table below puts the whole range in context, with the units outlined in their House colours being the ones included in the box set.

The sets are fairly even for each House in terms of value for money/savings made, which leaves players with a choice that can be made based far more upon aesthetics than finances.

Army size in Wrath of Kings is determined not by points, but by a model's type and rank. I'll get into this more in a later post, but the key concept to take away is that when building a list you can substitute a 2x Rank 1 of a type for a 1x Rank 2 model of the same type.

A Wrath of Kings Into Game requires the following
 x 2 Rank 1 Leaders
 x12 Rank 1 Infantry
 x 2 Rank 1 Specialists
A Skirmish Level Game requires
 x 3 Rank 1 Leaders
 x18 Rank 1 Infantry
 x 2 Rank 1 Specialists 
Options (Select x2 of..)
 x 3 Rank 1 Infantry
 x 1 Rank 1 Specialists
The starter boxes all contain
 x 4 Rank 1 Leaders
 x24 Rank 1 Infantry (or   x12 Rank 1 Infantry and x6 Rank 2 Infantry)
 x 2 Rank 1 Specialists
which gives you enough models to play a reasonable sized game but has room to expand into a larger force.


Composed of vampires and werewolves House Goritsi favour hit and run tactics.


The fighters of House Hadross have been blessed by the Deep Voices, transformed into creatures more suited to their aquatic environment. Slow and resilient they rely on their Resonance mechanic to  get the upper hand over their foes.


With physical prowess granted by the elemental spirits bound into their war masks, the forces of House Nasier require precision to be used to best effect.


Blessed by the Celestials the fighters of Shael Han trade resilience for flexibility, and rely upon their specialists to bolster their infantry.


Teknes are the most heavily industrial of the houses, and rely on science as much as magic on the battlefield, with their fighters often augmented by physical alterations or technology. A defensive army, Teknes becomes more powerful the more damage they take.

And there you have it, the five House starter sets, each very different from the others in appearance, and all a departure from the usual archetypes found in fantasy games. Made your choice yet? Go sign up for a Tale of Wrath and get involved.