Wrath Of Kings Unboxing

The bases supplied with Wrath of Kings are unusual enough to deserve their own post outside of the unboxing post.

The picture above shows a 50mm, 40mm, and 30mm base. As can be seen on the left hand base, the bases are recessed rather than flat. They are also have a considerably smoother finish than other sorts of bases.

The recess stands out even more when the bases are compared to more standard round shouldered bases.

The recess drops the whole depth of the base, which rules out my usual transport solution of magnetising the bottom of the bases.

It also creates a challenge when mounting the models on the base, and with creating a suitable look to the basing of the model. I need to resolve both of these issues this month, and I'm confident I can do so without either buying new bases, or spending a chunk of cash on inserts and the like. Any suggestions are gratefully received however.


  1. I wonder what the purpose of recessing the bases is? I guess most modelers do something to make the bases more scenic, but the recess still feels like a pain.

    1. From what I can tell the bases that come with Dark Age are also recessed, and there is a range of base inserts made specifically for that range, and I assume that standard inserts work for the bases as well.

      I've seen pictures online of forces that have gone with scenic bases, but I've also seen forces that are based directly into the recess and look good.

      It gives Hadross players chance to play with a lot of water effects that they wouldn't otherwise be able to use. Other forces have fewer useful options, needing height rather than depth.


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