Wrath Of Kings Unboxing
Pelegarth Howls

As with the Ashmen Hakars the Pelegarth Howls are the nominal leaders of the Bloodmasks in the Starter Box although the rules add more wrinkles to this relationship than seen in other tabletop games. The Howls share a further similarity with the Hakars in that their sculpts, while substantially the same model tweaked slightly (in this case, swords, shields, heads and shoulder ornaments differ).

Once again the abundance of flesh at least gets a background nod (the Howls being a more powerful, transformed version of a Bloodmasks), although at this point it is possibly passing into ridiculousness.

Like the Bloodmasks the Howls come in four parts and are remarkably easy to put together. The sprue on the sword seems like an oddity after the otherwise loose parts.

The shot from the back shows that while the Bloodmasks may go to battle naked the Howls do at least take something in the way of gear.

And here are the Howls ready for battle.

My comment on the quality of the models and plastic etc can be found in the Ashmen post.


  1. I think there models are my least favorite miniatures included in the Nasier set. I am not overly keen on the beast heads.

    1. These models do move the furthest away from the aesthetic of the other figures in the set. They are the thematic link between the infantry and the more bestial specialists, but don't really fit with either. The weaponry is also at odds, being more battered than that wielded by other models (although I see those soldiers who achieve greater mastery of their masks being granted access to an arsenal of more ancient weaponry). The concept art for them does a better job of the heads (seen in the stat cards http://www.coolminiornot.com/wok/NasierCards.pdf), with less texture and I'm tempted to try to convert the models to fit with that look.


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