Tale of Wrath Month One Summary - Screwed Up Dice - House Nasier

First off congratulations to the_red_eye and Whispe, both of whom have finished forces that are looking amazing. Their posts will follow soon, putting my painting to shame.
This all seemed like such a good idea thirty one days ago. Or it seem achievable at least. Ah the benefits of hindsight. This was not meant to be such a last minute post.

For those of you reading this cold, unaware of what Tale of Wrath is then the bare bones of what you need to know is this; I had one month to buy, paint and play with an Intro sized force for Wrath of Kings. I'd had all of February to prepare myself for March, so I have had a serious running start on making decisions about choice of force etc. You can find a summary of much of that sort of thinking here.

For those not following that link, here is the last image taken of the force:

And here it is 15 days later:

Month One Painting WIP - The_Red_Eye

The_Red_Eye brings us the first painted models to come out of the Tale of Wrath Project, putting the rest of us to shame. The_Red_Eye's first post can be found here - Screwed Up Dice

I wanted to begin with the skorzas. They are inspiring and I have always liked to paint confrontation wolfen and devourers. The skin tone colour is a mixed of light blue and grey. I wanted something un-natural and uniform. Goritsi skorzas are not savage beasts coming out from the forest. They are evil werewolves serving in a structured army, so I want them to look more like a real war-band, not a savage wolf-pack.

Month One Intro Post Pt 2 - Hyperion Stooge

 by Hyperion Stooge
Welcome to Pt 2 of Hyperion Stooge's Tale Of Wrath House Shael Han Odyssey. Pt1 can be found here - Screwed Up Dice
Right, with minimal blood loss and all miniatures pretty much intact, here is my constructed starter set.


I am not a chemist so know bugger all about different types of plastic. All I will say is that GW plastic is a joy to work with and this is… not. Cleaning was surprisingly difficult in places, and I have removed a bit more than I should on some models. The attachments on the models are all very simple and pretty secure. Assembly was a doddle in comparison with cleaning.



The rocky platforms for the models are (obviously) cork. I bought a cork sanding block from B&Q for £2 and it has comfortably supplied all the bases with more than half left over. When they’re painted I’m going to add a bit of light foliage and try out some Vallejo still water around them. This is my first attempt using anything like that so it has the potential to be a disaster.

Month One Intro Post - Screwed Up Dice

Somewhat belatedly, it's time for the proper intro post for the force I will be using for Tale of Wrath.

Month One Intro Post - Waaargh Pug

And so we have the first Tale of Wrath link to an outside blog, with early adopter
Head over to Pug of WAAARGH! to

Wrath of Kings - House Nasier Basing

The recessed bases supplied with the Wrath of Kings require a different approach to the flat topped bases more usually supplied with miniatures from other ranges.

I have seen bases that use the standard techniques within the recess and look good doing it. I've also seen ones which go for a more scenic look (the models painted up for the Wrath of Kings studio army are a good example of this). I have chosen to take the middle ground.

Month One Intro Post - Hyperion Stooge

by Hyperion Stooge
This is the first post from one of the Scions Of Wrath,  the poor souls who'll be making the core of Tale of Wrath.  
In a very real sense this is all Hyperion Stooge's fault, having been the one to introduce me to the hobby many years ago. What could be in the mind of such a monster you ask? Well, wonder no more poor reader - Screwed Up Dice

So… Ever seen an army of ants take down a wolf?

Me neither, but it would be cool.

Shael Han appeal to me because individually your basic dragon legionnaire is pretty crap. Weak and fragile. But together they can (allegedly) become far more than that. They don’t have the angst of Goritsi, the dubious politics of Hadross, or the pigmen (shudder) of Teknes.

And they have dragons. Who could say no to that?

I’m no stranger to playing with troops that are bargain basement as far as combat ability and resilience are concerned (my long-suffering Empire can attest to that).  Let’s just say I’m comfortable with defeat. It makes the victories even sweeter.

So, without further ado (or snarky comment), let’s get to the unboxing.

Ashmen Painting Test

This is very much just a rough thumbnail of a colour scheme in miniature form. There's a lot to tidy up before I decide on washes and the like. I'm pretty pleased with the colour scheme overall, but I'd like to knock a bit f the red out of the robes, and I need to do the gold edging in a different manner.

+Between The Bolter And Me++
Orsund Cavalier Unboxing And Assembly Impressions

Following on from their Orsund Cavalier Unboxing video++Between the Bolter and Me++ have put up a post detailing their thoughts and opinions on all aspects of building the Orsund Cavalier. They go deep on the plastic used, cleaning mould lines, and general assembly. It's very much worth your time to read even if the Wrath of Kings models are not your thing.

Month One Intro Post - The_Red_Eye

by The_Red_Eye

First off, welcome and hats off to The_Red_Eye for being the first participant in Tale of Wrath to submit a guest post, especially with English as a second language. The bar has been set for everyone else. - Screwed Up Dice

For the first month I was hesitating between a full skorza force or a mixed warband. I will paint the mixed warband:

Tale Of Wrath Month One
Starter Boxes and Intro Games

Welcome to Month One of Tale of Wrath. It's time for things to begin in earnest.

For those of you unfamiliar with Tale of Wrath the best place to get up to speed in on the hub page. In brief, it is a community army building project for Wrath of Kings, constructed around the format used years ago in White Dwarf for Tale of Four Gamers. Each month sees participants tasked with a series of escalating goals, as they collect, build, paint and game their way towards having a complete army. Sign up is still ongoing, and strongly encouraged. Again more can be found on at the Tale of Wrath Hub.


March 2016

Goal Summary

• Purchase a starter box for your chosen House (£60/$70)
• Paint enough models for an Intro level force
• Play an Intro level game

Bonus Goals

• Construct all models in the starter box
• Submit a photo of all the models from the starter set (1)
• Write a summary/progress post. Introduce yourself, and explain your choice of army (3)
• Write an unboxing post (2)
• Write a painting guide (2)
• Write a battle report post (2)
• (1) extra point to the first to submit each of the above.
• (1) extra point for including maps in your battle report.