Month One Intro Post - The_Red_Eye

by The_Red_Eye

First off, welcome and hats off to The_Red_Eye for being the first participant in Tale of Wrath to submit a guest post, especially with English as a second language. The bar has been set for everyone else. - Screwed Up Dice

For the first month I was hesitating between a full skorza force or a mixed warband. I will paint the mixed warband:

How I Have Chosen My Faction

I always prefered evil armies. I find them more beautiful and much more diversified than good people and often with a much more aggressive gameplay. Goritsi is the evil faction in the world of WoK.

The skorza warriors are a real tribute to their confrontation wolfen ancestors and the game style of the faction is really fast and agressive. Some of them are really hard hitters!

My Month One Warband 

For the first month, I was first thinking to paint a group of skorza (less models and I am quite used to paint wolfens) but finally, I will choose a mixed faction of vampires and werewolves. The painting work will be less boring these 2 next months; I will only have to complete the units in april.

1 skorza alpha (leader)
3 skorza warriors
1 shieldbraker (specialist)
1 Dancemaster (leader & commander)
6 wardancers
1 scourgehound (specialist)

The only addition to the original miniatures are the small bones and grave stones added to a few bases.

I'm very impressed with the bases. I think the recesses allow for a different look to be created than the more usual flat bases of other miniature lines. I'm very tempted to mimic some of The_Red_Eye's use of cork on my own House Nasier bases. I can't wait to see some paint on these models. The photo certainly drives home just quite how big the werewolves are, especially the Shield Breaker.  - Screwed Up Dice


  1. Great looking starting warband! The bases are looking really nice. If you are willing to put in the time, the recesses in the official bases give you plenty of room to create little mini dioramas.

    If possible, I would be interested in seeing some more pictures of the models. :)

    Keep up the great work!


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