Month One Intro Post - Hyperion Stooge

by Hyperion Stooge
This is the first post from one of the Scions Of Wrath,  the poor souls who'll be making the core of Tale of Wrath.  
In a very real sense this is all Hyperion Stooge's fault, having been the one to introduce me to the hobby many years ago. What could be in the mind of such a monster you ask? Well, wonder no more poor reader - Screwed Up Dice

So… Ever seen an army of ants take down a wolf?

Me neither, but it would be cool.

Shael Han appeal to me because individually your basic dragon legionnaire is pretty crap. Weak and fragile. But together they can (allegedly) become far more than that. They don’t have the angst of Goritsi, the dubious politics of Hadross, or the pigmen (shudder) of Teknes.

And they have dragons. Who could say no to that?

I’m no stranger to playing with troops that are bargain basement as far as combat ability and resilience are concerned (my long-suffering Empire can attest to that).  Let’s just say I’m comfortable with defeat. It makes the victories even sweeter.

So, without further ado (or snarky comment), let’s get to the unboxing.

The box itself is far smaller than I expected it to be. The artwork is ok, but Games Workshop has taught me to expect pictures of painted miniatures on boxes – I like to luxuriate in those beautiful moments before applying brush to model in the sincere belief that I could produce something so beautifully painted. It has been many years of inevitable disappointment, but I still get that feeling.

On opening it I am struck by why the box is so small. There has been absolutely no effort at presentation. It is completely stuffed with individual miniatures in plastic bags (also bases and a pack of good quality unit cards I have no idea how to use).

Quite an impressive number of plastic bags really. I look nervously at the one remaining blade on my craft knife and the murky dregs of my superglue. It might be time to make another visit to the hobby shop.

Until next time when I predict that I will make a mess of cleaning the models, slice my finger to the bone, and irreversibly glue two entirely different miniatures together.


  1. Dragon Legionnaires are a serious force to be reckoned with when taken in force and with the proper back-up (curse you, Taelfon!!!). I think you'll be pleasantly surprised once you've used them and they start to "click" with you!

  2. Thanks for the advice - I look forward to giving them a run out soon! At the moment it is all pretty murky - I need a good game to get my eye in.


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