Month One Intro Post Pt 2 - Hyperion Stooge

 by Hyperion Stooge
Welcome to Pt 2 of Hyperion Stooge's Tale Of Wrath House Shael Han Odyssey. Pt1 can be found here - Screwed Up Dice
Right, with minimal blood loss and all miniatures pretty much intact, here is my constructed starter set.


I am not a chemist so know bugger all about different types of plastic. All I will say is that GW plastic is a joy to work with and this is… not. Cleaning was surprisingly difficult in places, and I have removed a bit more than I should on some models. The attachments on the models are all very simple and pretty secure. Assembly was a doddle in comparison with cleaning.



The rocky platforms for the models are (obviously) cork. I bought a cork sanding block from B&Q for £2 and it has comfortably supplied all the bases with more than half left over. When they’re painted I’m going to add a bit of light foliage and try out some Vallejo still water around them. This is my first attempt using anything like that so it has the potential to be a disaster.



The models are an interesting mix. The Dragon Legionnaires are good-looking and dynamic, although there are only three sculpts. Basing will play a large part in attempting to hide this fact. The Legion Keepers are less dynamic but very nice models.

The Wrath are a little goofy-looking in all honesty. They are very large in comparison with the Legionnaires, and something about the arm length and sword size makes them look strangely out of proportion. I’m hoping a suitably inhuman paint job will (paradoxically) nullify some of the strangeness. It seems to work with the painted ones on the official CMON website.

The Big Sisters are well sculpted, with lots of flesh on show (are we really not past this yet?) but look a lot of fun to paint.

The Shield of Taelfon looks a bit like steampunk Gandalf which pleases me. I have a feeling I’ll be using him a lot.

Hammer of Heaven is vaguely reminiscent of Buzz Lightyear but I really like the dynamism of his chain. The model is strange and quite ugly (I’m not sure I’ve ever seen anything like it) but it is growing on me.

So, on the whole I’m pretty happy with my army. The next job is technically some painting, but it looks like I’ll be able to get a game in pretty soon so that may happen first.