Month One Intro Post - Screwed Up Dice

Somewhat belatedly, it's time for the proper intro post for the force I will be using for Tale of Wrath.

Why did I choose House Nasier?

When initially looking at Wrath of Kings, before even the Kickstarter that launched the game, it was the House Nasier models that caught my eye. Coming back to the Wrath of Kings range looking to start an army I found myself looking at House Hadross, House Teknes and House Nasier as possible candidates for a force, based upon the models. All five Houses do an impressive job of steering clear of the most common fantasy archetypes, and each has a great range of models. House Goritsi excluded itself because I am a long time undead player and while the range of models differed from the usual skeletons and zombies I had no wish to go with vampires in another system. While I like many of the House Shael Han models I couldn't warm to the Wrath for some reason. 

Still uncertain of which House to go with I looked to the background in the Wrath of Kings Rulebook and still found it very hard to break the deadlock. In fact the background brought House Shael Han into contention as a possible force.

Researching the play styles of the forces led to House Shael Han ruling itself out as potentially too fiddly for my tastes. I am not a nuanced player on the tabletop. Hadross, Teknes and Nasier all still looked viable though, with each House having their own appealing facets and darker sides.

Undecided I went through the models again, comparing the starter sets and the individual character boxes. While the three Houses I was stuck between all have excellent models (Especially the Rank 2 Specialists) it was the House Nasier Characters and Infantry that clinched it for me. The Characters stand out from the Infantry without breaking wildly from the style established by them, and overall the force balances disparate models such as the Specialists within a consistent theme to provide variety without feeling disjointed. There's a wide range of painting opportunities and challenges, from flesh, to strong red on the masks, to the crisp white bars of the forces heraldry.

The Month One Force

I had toyed with the idea of concentrating on the Ashmen from the box set and painting up all twelve of them along with both Hakars and the two Specialists. Instead I decided to give myself a challenge on the painting and gaming table and instead included six of the Bloodmasks, to add variety.

While the picture above shows my progress with this small force it does not tell the whole story. The undercoating has highlighted areas that require some liquid greenstuff and mould line removal before I can proceed. I had suspect this might be the case but the undercoat has thrown up far more issues that I had anticipated. A few evenings work should seem the models leap forward onto the painting table with the main colours blocked in, before washes and other techniques do the heavy lifting of making them look presentable. I do wish I was further along with things, but so it goes. By the end of the month they'll be finished, and I'll have a strong core to my force to build upon as Tale of Wrath moves forward. Good luck to everyone else participating, and I hope you are all getting paint on models and models on the tabletop.