Month One Painting WIP - The_Red_Eye

The_Red_Eye brings us the first painted models to come out of the Tale of Wrath Project, putting the rest of us to shame. The_Red_Eye's first post can be found here - Screwed Up Dice

I wanted to begin with the skorzas. They are inspiring and I have always liked to paint confrontation wolfen and devourers. The skin tone colour is a mixed of light blue and grey. I wanted something un-natural and uniform. Goritsi skorzas are not savage beasts coming out from the forest. They are evil werewolves serving in a structured army, so I want them to look more like a real war-band, not a savage wolf-pack.

This blue tone works well with brown and gold ! Maybe I will do something about this skin torn before the end to make it more "alive".

I have to confess I was embarrassed with an important detail : TMM or NMM ? Goritsis are not really covered with armour pieces, but NMM is a risk when time is short, and to be honest, painting the shield breaker in NMM frightens me a little.

So, I chose true metallic metal. All the 5 miniatures has been painted together, it's a good way to save time and be sure colours remain identical from one miniature to the other. 

I'll publish a detailed painting tutorial at the end of the month when zeti vampires will be painted too : a good opportunity to test my new airbrush...

I think I heard my Whispe fellow has just finished with his "Fury speed painting" and turned his brushes toward Teknes Linesmen...


  1. Really nice looking paint job there - well done! How did you paint the corset on the female skorza (centre, first picture)? You've ended up with a really realistic leather look.

    Thanks for raising the bar for us all...

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    1. Thanks ! The secret was given by Martin Grandbarbe (former rackham painter) :

      - Plain brown as base.
      - Shading with blue (strong one, lot of water) : the shadows are really stong but you don't "see" the blue !
      - Delicate highlights with the base + 2 other brown (leather, khaki for example, no need to mix them).
      The other secrets he gave us is to finish with a glaze (very very few paint with a lot of water) of exactly the same colors (brown in the shadow parts, leather in the middle parts and khaki in the most exposed parts) to melt the colors together.

    2. Wow. There is no way I would have come up with that combination so thanks a lot!


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