Tale Of Wrath Month One
Starter Boxes and Intro Games

Welcome to Month One of Tale of Wrath. It's time for things to begin in earnest.

For those of you unfamiliar with Tale of Wrath the best place to get up to speed in on the hub page. In brief, it is a community army building project for Wrath of Kings, constructed around the format used years ago in White Dwarf for Tale of Four Gamers. Each month sees participants tasked with a series of escalating goals, as they collect, build, paint and game their way towards having a complete army. Sign up is still ongoing, and strongly encouraged. Again more can be found on at the Tale of Wrath Hub.


March 2016

Goal Summary

• Purchase a starter box for your chosen House (£60/$70)
• Paint enough models for an Intro level force
• Play an Intro level game

Bonus Goals

• Construct all models in the starter box
• Submit a photo of all the models from the starter set (1)
• Write a summary/progress post. Introduce yourself, and explain your choice of army (3)
• Write an unboxing post (2)
• Write a painting guide (2)
• Write a battle report post (2)
• (1) extra point to the first to submit each of the above.
• (1) extra point for including maps in your battle report.

Goal Breakdown

  • Purchase

Purchase a Starter box (or the equivalent selection of individual boxes) for
the House of your choice. These posts should allow you to make an informed choice.

Within the starter box you will find...
            4x Rank 1 Leader
            2x Rank 1 Specialist
          24x Rank 1 Infantry
          12x Rank 1 Infantry and 6x Rank 2 Infantry
          24x Rank 1 Infantry

  • Paint

The Wrath of Kings rules provides the player with three possible levels of game; Intro, Skirmish, and Battle. These levels use a predetermined army size to maintain game balance. For our purposes this month the goal is to paint enough models for an Intro level game. This is also the only month where the need to paint all purchases is waived.
Intro Level Game
• Leader (Must select one as a Commander)
     2x Rank 1 Leaders
• Infantry
   12x Rank 1 Infantry
• Specialist
     2x Rank 1 Specialist

This comes to just over half the contents of the starter box, depending how you chose to split things (or between 10 and 16 models). Get painting.

  • Play

Get an Intro Level game in with your army. Hopefully you have convinced someone else to buy a starter set of their own and join in with Tale of Wrath. It’s time to find out which of you is better.

Bonus Goals

  • Construct all models in the starter box
This goes beyond what is strictly necessary for getting models on the table this month, but it keys into...
  • Submit a photo of all the models from the starter set

I am already (considerably) ahead in this regard, as this post shows, not only is it a very pleasing situation to be in, it will ease the workload going into Month Two. More importantly it also gives anyone on the fence about this project a firm idea of what they are getting for their cash; even if it’s just in terms of model count, and what miniatures to expect. Get your photographs in by the March 15th

  • Write a summary/progress post. Introduce yourself, and explain your choice of army.

If this is to be a communal project then these posts are going to form the core of it. Think of it as an old style White Dwarf article. If you can get hold of the original series of A Tale of Four Gamers then they are a great example of what I’m thinking of. I'll be posting up some of the series in the next week, to give those gamers too young to remember it a taste of what I am thinking of.

  • Write a photo heavy unboxing post.

Over the course of Month Zero I have posted an unboxing and review of the Nasier Starter Set. This only covers 1/5th of the Houses. It’s up to the willing to make up the shortfall, either by providing a link to reviews on their own sites, or by taking a guest post on here.

  • Write a painting guides.

This month will hopefully see a lot of people picking up their paint brushes, and painting some unfamiliar models. Lead the way with a tutorial.

  • Write a battle report post.

Or, if you are truly dedicated, film a video. Anyone who has seen my reviews of White Dwarf knows that a battle report should include photographs of the battle and where possible, maps.


  • Posting
As far as possible Screwed Up Dice will be acting as a hub for Tale of Wrath. This means I'll be linking to posts made by participants on their own blogs (etc) where possible, but I'd also like host guest posts here. They'll be some examples of these as the Scion's of Wrath submit their work, but if you'd like to steal a march on them, then email me at screwedupdice@gmail.com. The