Experimenting With Washes

Sorry for the silence on the blog. I have been getting on with a lot of hobby related stuff despite my absence. My painting for this month's complement of models for Tale of Wrath has taking me into interesting places with heavy use of washes. While not finished (the skin needs work, and I'm not happy with the colours on the mask) the model above is a good example of what I'm doing, with the boots, tape and gloves painted with multiple coats of Nuln Oil over a base of Mechanicus Standard Grey. I need to add a little more highlighting and shading to this base layer to make things really pop, but the layers of wash give a gorgeously smooth transition that I'm years of experience away from achieving by hand. It's not appropriate for everything, but it's going to be a very useful tool in my arsenal.


  1. I like what you have done to achieve a very ashen skin tone! A nice change to the conventional skin tones that I am accustomed to.


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