Tale Of Wrath Month Two

Welcome to Month Two of Tale Of Wrath. Hopefully you've succeeded during Month One, and already have a small force with a game under its belt. If not, there's more than enough time to catch up.



April 2016

Goal Summary

• Purchase an Infantry or Specialist box to fulfil the Option requirement for a Skirmish Level gam
• Paint all models purchased so far
• Play a Skirmish level game

Bonus Goals

• Write a summary post, with a picture of all models painted so far (3)
• Write an unboxing post (2)
• Write a painting guide (2)
• Write a battle report post (2)
• (1) extra point to the first to submit one of the above
• (1) extra point for including maps in your battle report

Goal Breakdown

  • Purchase and Paint

At a skirmish level the game brings in more choice to the army structure, with players able to add Infantry or Specialists to their force. Given the chunk of Infantry still left unpainted from last month, it’s up to the individual which direction they chose to take things, but I would read ahead to Month Three before making any decisions. Some may choose to purchase a second starter box at this point to really open up options for their force selection down the line. In which case I salute you and your insanity. Following on from the above, the player should paint all the models purchased so far, giving them at least a Skirmish level force.
Skirmish Level Game

• Leader (Must select one as a Commander)
     3x Rank 1 Leaders
• Infantry
     18x Rank 1 Infantry
• Specialist
     2x Rank 1 Specialist
•Options (Select 2x of the following)
     3x Rank 1 Infantry
     1x Rank 1 Specialis

  • Play

Play a Skirmish Level Game.

Bonus Goals

• Write a summary post at the end of the month, with a picture of all models painted so far
With another month of hobby under your belts, and two months worth of painting you should now have a force to be proud of.


  1. For a person who bought everything from Nasier I really enjoy your posts on Wrath of Kings. As you I think they have a good combination of mechanics and beautiful miniatures. I really enjoy Goritsi & Nasier and when I've got the money I will try the Teknes and Haddross. Got to love those pigies and Sharks


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