Tale of Wrath is a community army building project for Wrath of Kings  loosely based upon the Tale of Four Gamer series that once ran in White Dwarf. 

Over the course of five months of building, painting, and gaming, the participants will be creating a force to be reckoned with on the battlefield. 

Full details of the monthly goals and structure can be found in this PDF.

This page will be serving as a central point to link together all posts from Screwed Up Dice, and other sources.


Sign up is open to all, and is ongoing at the Month Zero page.

Send an email to screwedupdice@gmail.com or send me a message on Twitter to be mentioned as a Harbinger of Wrath.
Include your Name, Blog, and chosen House.

For those without blogs or similar, guest posting can be arranged here.
Again, send an email to screwedupdice@gmail.com or message on Twitter to discuss this.


These links will be going live on the 1st of the appropriate month.
Each will give the details of the coming month's goals (as seen in the PDF